Disco Dinner

On March 24, 2006 8 Comments
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I thought we were off to a riveting start with french contemporary cuisine until everything came to a screeching halt aujourd’hui in my superior cuisine class at Le… Read More »

First Week of Superior Cuisine

On March 23, 2006 8 Comments
In Chef Stories, Le Cordon Bleu

First day back at Le Cordon Bleu for Superior Cuisine was like walking into a huge homecoming party. Our class was at night and I strolled into school… Read More »

Frogs Legs

On March 22, 2006 21 Comments
In Chef Stories, Le Cordon Bleu

Thank God we didn’t have to cook frogs legs today. This was only presented to us in our demostration and we didn’t have to make it in the… Read More »

Five Foodie Challenge!

On March 20, 2006 4 Comments
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My dear friend Natalie Zee has tagged me. Before I get to her question, let me pause for a second to expound on my lovely friend. She is… Read More »

Surf Vacation in Portugal

On March 17, 2006 9 Comments
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An American couple walks into a surf house with a Scottish doctor, a Northern Irish army officer, a Spanish male model, a Welsh accountant, and a Costa Rican… Read More »

Weekend in Lisbon

On March 10, 2006 3 Comments
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Lisbon, Portugal is like San Francisco with it’s own version of the Golden Gate bridge and hilly streets that have cable cars running up and down. The food… Read More »

Final Examination Fini!

On March 6, 2006 7 Comments
In Chef Stories, Le Cordon Bleu

Can I tell you what hell it is to sit through a three hour demonstration knowing that shortly after fate is ready to play her hand? I had… Read More »

Hollandaise Queen: Final Exam

On March 4, 2006 7 Comments
In Chef Stories, Le Cordon Bleu

One day before my final at Le Cordon Bleu and I have a bad case of the I-don-wanna’s. Bad, bad, bad. I keep doing everything there is to… Read More »

Avian Bird Flu in France

On March 2, 2006 13 Comments
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Picture by Mr. Fenwick Recently a friend, from San Francisco Photorama, asked me what Le Cordon Bleu’s stand on the avian bird flu was. I asked the chef’s… Read More »

Crazy Crawfish

On February 23, 2006 4 Comments
In Chef Stories, Le Cordon Bleu

I promise after this post that I will cut down on writing about all the icky fear factor stuff we do in cooking class and write about some… Read More »