Thank God we didn’t have to cook frogs legs today. This was only presented to us in our demostration and we didn’t have to make it in the practical. I tried, I really tried to eat one and it totally ruined my appetite. I couldn’t swallow.


I have a disgusting secret to share…when I was a kid and spent summers in Ohio on my Grandma’s farm, there were little frogs everywhere and we used to catch them and rip their legs off with pliers. It was my cousin’s idea not mine, but for some unknown reason I played along. It was better than watching my grandma swing chickens around by the neck to kill them. Even worse, after my grandfather would mow the back field there would be chopped up frogs everywhere. Blech! We also used to catch lightening bugs and put them in jars for nightlights, but I digress..


So now when I see frogs legs I feel really bad and I gross out. I’m sure they do taste like chicken, but I’m just not ready yet to find out. The recipe was sautéd frogs legs on a bed of pureed garlic with a green herb jus and a touch of olive oil otherwise known as: Cuisse de Grenouille poelées a la puree d’ail et jus vert.


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