I thought we were off to a riveting start with french contemporary cuisine until everything came to a screeching halt aujourd’hui in my superior cuisine class at Le Cordon Bleu. As soon as the demonstration began I was transported back to the 70’s for Petit Bar en Croûte Façon Coulibiac (Sea Bass in a Crust Coulibiac Style).

In truth, even our chef had the spirit of ’76 twinkling in his bright green eyes, perhaps recalling the Bee Gee’s world tour or maybe a rendez-vous avec un petit ami for a ABBA gig. Paranoid, I turned around from my front seat in the demo room half expecting the rest of the class to be decked in bell bottoms, feathered hair, and thick mustaches – just day dreaming – luckily.


Now, I’m a child of the early ’70’s and I can’t pinpoint why exactly this recipe just screamed disco to me, but I’m telling you there was something about it. Perhaps it was the head and tail of the fish that were re-attached to the sea bass fillets. Or maybe it was the whole hard-boiled eggs added to the salmon/mushroom/rice stuffing. Or maybe I’m just recalling the fabulous buffet parties my mom used to throw including whole huge fish fillets cooked to perfection and people dancing to Stayin’ Alive in living room. No seriously, I remember these things.


The seabass didn’t taste bad in all honesty. It wasn’t easy to make either, it took about two hours to conjure. Would I serve it at a three star restaurant? Mmmm, don’t think so. But, If I was throwing a fancy disco soirée I might just bust out this type of novelty. Bon Appetit!

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