The end of my intermediate cusine career at Le Cordon Bleu is in sight. It’s so close I can taste it! I know, bad joke, but I’m tired and run down– it’s all I can muster. I could use some serious maitenance right now. A manicure would be divine. My hands are covered with burns and cuts. Not to mention my 80’s hairdo – business up front, party in the back. Yeah, that’s me, thanks to my hair snapping from contantly being pulled back into a pony tail and the freezing cold weather cracking my folicles. I’m loosing hair! I’m a girl! This is bad. Just two more weeks…

Nonetheless, hair or no hair, I have made some darn tasty things at Le Cordon Blur – uh-ahem – Le Cordon Bleu. I prefer the dishes that use less fat and have simple preparations. Not because, I’m lazy or afraid of putting on the pounds (okay maybe a little) but my cooking philosophy centers around using the best produce and meats available paired with the perfect cooking technique to allow the natural flavors to shine. If it tastes better raw, then serve it raw dammit!

So here’s some of my favs thus far: Galette Feuilletee Au Thon Mariné, Vinaigrette Vierge Au Basilic (Puff Pastry galette with marinated tuna, virgin vinagrette with basil) from the Côte d’Azur


Pavé de Boef Poele, Flan de Celeriac, Sauce Aux Truffes, et Cocottes a la Graisse d’Oie. That’s a fancy way of saying: sautéed rumpsteak, celeriac flan, truffle sauce and potatoes in goose fat. By the way, goose fat is apparently good for you. That’s what a chef told me, and I’m sticking to it. This one’s from Périgord. Celeriac is an odd shaped small basketball-like root that tastes something between celery and a pine tree. However, it is a perfect match for the reduced Madeira truffle sauce that accompanies this dish.


Tian D’Agneau Cuit Rosé avec Jus a La Menthe Poivrée (Lamb fillet with vegetable tian peppermint jus). This gorgeous lamb pie has layers of sautéd mushrooms, tomato concaisse with garlic, and wilted spinach. The sauce is a lamb jus with a hint of mint. Yummmmm-y!


For the finishing touches I have to vote for the heavenly Let Pet de Nonnes Angevines Fourrées d’Une Creme a l’Orange (Anjou-style chou fritters with orange cream). They were saintly!


And lastly the Tulipe et Son Emulsion Au Citron de Menton (tulip cookie with lemon emulsion). The chef called this one an 80’s hit, which I found hilarious considering that the 80’s are very much alive in Paris. Whatever the time perioed, the lemon cream melts in your mouth and the caramel decoration provides that certain je ne sais quoi. This one’s also from La Côte d’Azur.


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