Perhaps this video is a little untimely considering that Easter weekend is coming up, but the hunting season is coming to a close here in France and I wanted to share this rare look inside a 3-star restaurant in regards to game preparation. I have never had the opportunity to work with game in the United States. Most of the meat we receive in the U.S. has already been cleaned and semi-prepared.

Although it was sometimes emotionally difficult to work with cute and fury animals, towards the end of the season I felt more connected to the food I was preparing. I prefer eating food that I know has lived a healthy life free from chemicals, pesticides, steroids, and unnormal/unnatural diets.

Meat does not come from the super market. It is bought at the super market. Funny how French kids inherently understand that while American kids are convinced chicken is born boneless and skinless. The other day while I was enjoying some sunlight at Le Jardin de Tuilleries, a toddler caught my eye running around one of the fountains. He was waddling after a little duck but eventually gave up his chase, pointed at it, and said, “mmm….” Then his mother reinforced this, “Oui, ça c’est colvert, mmmmmm…..”

In the States, we tend to think of Daffy Duck before we think of dinner.

If you’re ever lost in the woods, stuck in Appalachia, looking to impress a new date, or wanting to reconnect with the food chain here is my video on HOW TO SKIN A RABBIT. This is a wild rabbit or hare (not the petstore kind) and they are very big and have lots of lean meat. The French word is “Lievre”.

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