Oh I am such a big BIG big big DORK! I finally got up the nerve to walk over to Guy Savoy, which is close to my house, and turn in my resume and letter of motivation. This of course, was after the chef’s at Le Cordon Bleu approved my request and gave me their blessing. LCB doesn’t have a normal stage (internship) set up with Guy Savoy so I had to take the first steps.

This morning I got up and got dressed. Let me rephrase that, I got up and got dressed thirty times before settling on a pair of jeans and smart looking shirt. I drank my coffee and rehearsed my script: bonjour, je m’appel Amy Glaze et je voudrais travailler ici pour ma stage. The whole way over I repeated my mantra.

Once I got to the doors of Guy Savoy, both receptionists were on the phone obviously checking messages from the night prior. One woman finally hung up and asked me what I wanted and then cut me off half way through my Bonjour, je m’appel Amy Glaze et je voudrais travailler ic…” She pointed to a man coming up from the kitchen with chef’s pants on. Jeez, did I have “stagier” written all over my forehead or what?

So I began afresh with my mantra to this new chef who looked at me like I was crazy in a sort of amused way. People often give me that look when I try to speak french. It’s the – she doesn’t look American, but eer accent, eets zo strahnge look. He was obviously confused, maybe there’s not a lot of women who ask for an apprenticeship? After I mentioned that I go to school at Le Cordon Bleu (at least that’s what I think I said) the light bulb turned on for him.

I could feel the blood starting to rush to my cheeks, so I thanked him quickly, gave him my packet, and said “Au Revoir!” and bolted out of there. On my short walk home I caught my reflection in one of the shop windows. My cheeks weren’t too red but my nervous energy was making my curly hair stand on end. Hello Frankenstein’s Bride!

I often rehearse what I want to say to people in French if I need to communicate something important, but it’s the response back that totally throws me off guard. When the chef started rambling on I wanted to say, “Hey buddy, this isn’t in my script all right?”

Now, I just wait I guess….

Okay, I’m waiting…………………………..

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