Look, it’s over. I’m sorry but I’ve met some one else. What does he have that you don’t? He’s just really sweet. I know you’re really sweet too, but it’s different. No, I didn’t want it to end this way either. But, we’re in love and I have to see him everyday.


Yes, we’ve had some really good times together, but my new man has me on this demanding schedule and I just don’t have any extra time. What schedule? It’s a macaron schedule, he’s coming out with new flavors all the time now and I have to be there when he does. No, I’m not crazy! Why do you always say I’m crazy? I hate it when you say that! See, this is why we can’t be together. Because you always put down the things that are important to me. Macarons are really really important to me, why can’t you understand that?


I can love a man for his macarons if I want to. And I certainly don’t have to justify my feelings to you. Well let’s see you make a silvery sexy truffe blanche macaron made of orgasmic earthy white truffle cream sandwiched in between two handsome Italian hazlenut biscuits that dust your fingertips with edible glitter on each luscious bite.

Not impressed? Then how about whipping up his huile d’olive macaron with vanilla and chopped green olive cream. With each taste I close my eyes and think of warm sun tanned skin drenched in virgin olive oil and sprinkled with glistening vanilla sugar. Let’s see you do that!

All your good for is opening a can of beans.

It’s not just a cookie! How can you say that?!?!?! MACARONS ARE NOT JUST COOKIES! And I do not have a fetish problem. That’s it! We’re done. I am NOT a fetish freak and don’t ever call me that again. In fact, don’t call, don’t write, don’t text. We’re over. O-V-E-R!!!! It’s just me and Pierre now.


For more fetish macarons from his fétiche desserts visit Pierre:

Pierre Herme
72 rue Bonaparte
Paris 75006.
Telephone: 01 43 54 47 77.
For more locations and information, see www.pierreherme.com.

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