Radicchio and Cara Cara Blood Orange Salad

Blood Orange & Castelfranco Radicchio Winter Salad

On December 16, 2014 7 Comments
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How totally snobby does this salad sound: Cara Cara Blood Orange & Radicchio Variegato di Castelfranco Salad? I would burst out laughing if I saw that actually printed… Read More »

Pan Seared Flounder

Pan Seared Fluke with Warm Wild Mushroom & Lentil Salad, Sunchoke Smear & Lardon

On December 15, 2014 0 Comments
In Fish, Recipes

Oh how I WISH that I had stayed current with my blog over the last 8 months, but alas I’ve been so busy with 5 restaurants that weekly… Read More »


Hami Melon & Avocado Salad

On September 7, 2014 4 Comments
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Hami melon is my latest and greatest discovery of the summer. It’s sweet & salty like cantaloup. Crisp & juicy like watermelon. And refreshing and delicate in color… Read More »

Baklava at Faz Restaurants

Cooking with the Legendary Chef Faz

On August 10, 2014 9 Comments
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No, I’m not drowning in some self-afflicted pool of despair – that is not why I haven’t posted in eons. Quite the opposite, I am now the Executive Corporate… Read More »

Sept_Amy (2)

Cooking Classes at Pie Ranch!

On April 29, 2014 2 Comments
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Are you interested in cooking organic just-picked produce and preparing local and sustainable meat & fish in a farm setting? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Come cook with me… Read More »

Rosé poached salmon, lemony Parmesan Cream, Pommes Anna

Rosé Poached Salmon, Lemony Parmesan Cream & Pommes Anna

On April 21, 2014 11 Comments
In Fish, Recipes, Vegetables

I missed posting this for Easter – good thing Mother’s Day is right around the corner! How about rosé wine poached salmon infused with herbs and sauced with… Read More »

Chorizo & Feta Stuffed Calamari with Marinated bean salad

Chorizo & Feta Stuffed Calamari with Tuscan Bean Salad

On April 16, 2014 10 Comments
In Fish, Meat, Recipes, Vegetables

Maybe it’s the abnormally hot weather in SF, but I’m craving food that is:  tangy, spicy, salty, juicy and fresh– nothing manicured, or tweezed to perfection, or ridiculously… Read More »


Roasted Beet & Cara Cara Salad with Orange Blossom Vinaigrette

On April 3, 2014 9 Comments
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I’ve got to squeeze in the end-of-Winter-citrus recipes before Spring blankets us in sweet peas, strawberries, and rhubarb! There are many types of blood oranges, but only two… Read More »

Nopales and Delicata Squash Quiche

Nopales & Delicata Squash Quiche

On April 1, 2014 8 Comments
In Recipes, Savory Pastry, Vegetables

This post concludes my love affair with nopales. Yes, my little prickly friend, we are done! I have used you up and now we must part. And same… Read More »

Spoonbread! It's a gluten free soufflé!

Spoonbread! (It’s Gluten Free)

On March 24, 2014 5 Comments
In Pie Ranch, Savory Pastry

This gluten-free cornmeal soufflé is without a doubt the most satisfying creation I’ve feasted upon since giving up all wheat products. I baked one off as a test… Read More »