IMG_2687.JPGCall it SF or San Francisco but pleeeeease don’t call our city Frisco– that is so totally un-Bay Area like. And that song, you know the one that starts out “Are you going to San Francisco?…” in a lilting half-stoned kind of way? Yeah, that song bugs bigtime.

Those hippie days are gone man, we have evolved into the technically savvy earth aware hipster who is fiercly proud of our diversity and totally organic food driven. Hence, all the cutting edge restaurants that rival if not surpass New York, not to mention huge farmers markets (right on the Bay) that highlight Bay Area small farms.

Yes, it’s good to be home on vacation after 8 months of cooking in Paris, and I am one proud San Franciscan.

Here’s one of my favorite things to do in San Francisco. Next time you’re in town take an afternoon and go to the Ferry Building. It was converted to a huge market a few years ago and houses many specialty stores and trendy restaurants. Hop on one of the old F-trains through downtown to the Bay, have a stroll by the water, and then check out all the shops and the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building.


I like to brunch at the Market Bar. Their limited menu always includes local organic farms and they make killer Bloody Mary’s. I ventured out and tried an interesting carrot and mussel curried soup topped with zucchini blossoms that was delicious.


My absolute favorite cheese shop on this earth is Cowgirl Creamery. They make all their own cheeses and have won several first place awards (even beating the French – can you believe it?) for their Redhawk cheese. I like the fresh ricotta for baking and always enjoy sampling as much as possible before purchasing.


The Wine Merchant plies us “crack heads” (read the board) with great picks from all over the world. You can sit in their wine bar and sample the latest greatest or sign up for their monthly program and have it shipped to you


Stop by my Cousin Jason’s Village Market inside the Ferry building for specialty olive oils, wines, pastas, spices and chocolates. He’s always got super yummy samples out and loves to talk about food and wine. If you’ve got a question about how or where to find an ingredient he’s either got the answer or will find out for you.


There are many many other restaurants and shops, but you’ll have to come by to take it all in. Saturday is the big farmer’s market and Tuesday there is a smaller one that is less crowded and equally fun to browse and taste your way through. Yummmmm-y!


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