If you only have a few days in Paris this is one of those restuarants that you MUST check out before leaving. The fun white coated waiters, kitsch decor, and delicious soufflé’s constitute a thrilling night out without breaking the bank. It’s close to Tuilleries and Metro Concorde so why not complete a day of shopping on the Champs Elysees or trekking through Le Louvre with a 29Euro prefix soufflé meal at Le Soufflé?


As the name suggests the menu is all soufflé’s and they are delicious and light (well, seemingly light). We opted for the prefix menu which includes three soufflé’s of choice: entrée, main course, and dessert. I ordered the fromage, salmon & sorrel, and the framboise combo. All three were delicious.


My girlfriend ordered for dessert the Grand Marnier soufflé and they brought it to her with the bottle – and then left the bottle for her on the table to help herself! Admittedly we all kinda helped ourselves…Framboise souffé is not so bad with Grand Marnier…who knew?

Le Soufflé
36 rue du Mont-Thabor
1st Arrondissement
Tel: (They speak English)
Metro: Concorde