The experience I had at Le Cinq, the three star restaurant of the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris, can only be described as ethereal. My husband and I met with our friends Natalie Zee, author of Coquette:Digital Style, and her fiancé to celebrate their recent engagement.

photo courtesy: The Four Seasons Hotel

When we arrived our coats were whisked away by four people who simulataneously unrobed us. We were led through the warmly lit dining area to our table that was elegantly laid out with gold rimmed china and real crystal glasses. As I began to sit my chair was gently pushed in by an invisible attendant.

We began with flutes of champagne from their assortment of iced champagne. I chose a pretty rosé that sparkled light pink in the warm glow of the restuarant. We clinked to Nat’s and Giles future happiness and settled into our plush chairs. No sooner had we taken a sip of luxury when our first amuse bouche arrived – sliced brioche with lardon baked for us on arrival in petit ramekins. After quickly finsihing our first nosh, small plates of thinly shaved pata negra arrived. All this before we even looked at the menu!

The menu is exquisite. Wanting to taste everything we opted for the tasting degustation with paired wines (which is actually a good deal!). My first entree was thinly sliced divers scallops carpacio with a tiny bread stick that oozed a delicately citron flavored fromage blanc when broken. Sublime.

I won’t bore you with all the courses. There were too many to write about. However, my petit veal medallions served with a small side of blanc souffle was outstanding and so was the line caught sea bass. I don’t normally eat veal but, the other option was pigeon (um, merci non)

Here’s some funny things about the evening…they brought a stool for my purse! After I sat down I put my purse on the floor (like I always do) and a few minutes later an attendant came and carefully lifted it onto it’s own little couch. CRAZY!!! Also, everything was synchronized. Our food was set in front of all four of us at precisely the same time. Four attendants whisked off the silver warming lids simultaneously. I noticed they have these cute little signals so that no one jumps the gun. So cool – they use hand signals!!!

When Nat and I got up to go to the bathroom a female attendant appeared from thin air and escorted us to the ladies room. And when we sat back down at the table two male attendents again pushed our chairs in simultaneously. I believe we each had our own attendant but I’m not quite sure.

After our main courses were fini, a HUGE cheese cart was wheeled over to us. I’ve never seen my husband so happy in his entire life! He was like a sixteen year old boy with a brand new Mustang. I chose an aged Comté (hard cheese) and a chevre sec (slightly dry goat cheese) and a creamy blue.

When dessert finally arrived it seemed to keep arriving. We had some sort of amuse bouche before our dessert. Then our dessert, then chocolates, nougatine, caramels and gelees. Of course everything was paired with wine.

photo courtesy: Four Seaons Hotel

And FINALLY after we managed to fill our bellies with an outrageous amount of food and wine we had coffee.

Here’s the real kicker. The whole meal was free. That’s right! F-R-E-E!!! We didn’t pay a dime. I’m not at liberty to say why, but it was wonderful! I think I might have left my glass slipper there… :)

George Cinq Four Seasons Hotel
“Executive Chef Philippe Legendre has created menus for Four Seasons Hotel George V which draw upon classic French culinary techniques and also embrace newer, lighter cooking styles, always incorporating the freshest regional ingredients.”