I have found two outstanding Mexican restaurants that satisty my desire for enchilades covered in red sauce, mole slow cooked with unsweetened chocolate, and firey soup garnished with shrimp and avocado. Not to mention margaritas– there’s nothing like a margarita to transform a smokey cafe into a tropical paradise. Okay, maybe that’s going a bit too far but, you get the point.


Strangely enough, Paris has tons of Tex-Mex chains that are surprisingly popular. One such place is called Indiana and they serve huge portions even by American standards. My husband and I checked it out during one of those gotta-have-Mexican-food days. My enchilades tasted the same as his burrito. We were kinda like, “hmmmm, this is odd…” but we gobbled it down anyway just for the novelty of it. We felt sick later.

However if you’ve been living in Paris craving Mexican food then you MUST check out Anuhuacalli. It is owned by a really sweet couple who passionately cook authentic Mexican food. I inhaled my enchilades verdes before I could even snap a photo (sorry) and my amigo opted for a salmon and papaya dish that was equally tempting. The margaritas were the real deal with top shelf tequila. The restaurant is small and moderately decorated with objects and art from Monterey, Mexico. Make a reservation (they speak English, French, and Spanish) and go….


Number two on my list is A La Mexicaine. It’s a festive place for a party with live mariachi music and beautiful decor and good authentic food. Their prefix meal is a great deal and includes a margarita. However, my group all had hangovers the next day and we were NOT boozing it (really, I promise). I’m always wary of pre-blended drinks. I ordered the tri color enchilades with an entrée of ceviche and I think between the six of us we ate through half their supply of salsa fresca.

See…three very happy customers :-)

30 rue des Bernadins, 5th (
metro Maubert-Mutualité

A La Mexicaine
68 rue Quincampoix, 3rd (o1.
metro Rambuteau or Les Halles

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