Well, one could say the best way to entertain a college student in Paris is to give them a whole bottle of Champagne and a very long straw and watch the magic happen. But there are other more educational and thought provoking ways too.


I taught Cooking and Theater before coming over to Paris and now all my students are in college. Some are actually out of college. And all of them have drivers liscene’s which scares the bejeezus out of me. You know how teens are with their zippy tricked out cars, mobile phones, and loud blaring music. Yes, I prefer to be far, far away from my hormonally challenged students during their final indoctrination into adulthood.

However, their parents keep sending them over to me. So I’ve developed a tour that is two-fold: it’s educational and it tires them out thoroughly. Matthew was my first Paris guinea pig and he was also one of my very first students. And I might add, that he is also exceptionally talented (NYU Film major!!!) along with his younger brother Andrew (Dartmouth freshman!!!). Those two kept me laughing and crying for years.

Enlarge the maps for the full tour details and then CLICK on PINS for photos and background info. Puh-leeease check it out, it took hours to do.

TEEN TOUR RIGHT BANK (6 hours walking)

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