You know you have truly made it in New York when you have no time to cook at home.

Somehow I have time to party until 6AM in the morning, eat at fantastic underground restaurants, sleep for 3 hours and go back to work again but (sigh) no time to cook at home.


So I’m adding a new category to my blog: Industry Picks. In other words, restaurants that all the cook’s eat at in NYC.

Here’s the criteria:
1. Open late or early in the morning
2. Reasonable in price
3. Fast
4. Must have a kick ass signature dish
5. Seriously cool.

Well, cook’s are cool these days. Ten years ago we were just a cut above certifiably insane, but now there seems to be a rock star allure to being ADD and unable to sit still in an offfice all day.

This restaurant is not only a well loved cook’s hangout but also a neighborhood hotspot. The Dumpling House serves ridiculously yummy food at a very reasonable price.

There’s nothing like a soft and salty, squishy, hand made, meat filled dumpling to soak up all the toxins and revive the creative juices. And you can have them steamed, pan friend, tossed in soup, or served up plain.


“This place is awesome. It will cure you’re hangover.” He promised.

“Not possible.” She moaned, forehead in hand throbbing with pain.

“Oh, it’s possible.” He laughed with the sage knowledge that one dumpling could remedy a plethora of problems and bestow good luck, fortune, security, and safety all in one bite.

“I’m not even hungry right now, I just wanna dive face first into my pillow and never wake up again. There’s no way I can cook today. I can’t even see straight.”

“Meet me in the Lower East Side at The Dumpling House.”

“You’re crazy. I’m going back to bed.”

“Just meet me there…”

“I’m broke.”

“It’s $3 for 10 dumplings. It’s so cheap you can splurge on a taxi. 118 Eldridge between Grand and Broome in 20 minutes or you’re missing out…”


The making of dumplings in China is often done by women. And I was not surprised to see that the restaurant was almost entirely staffed by woman making the dumplings, cooking them up in huge steamers and woks, and running the front of the house.


Even if you’re not a dumpling lover, this restaurant it is still well worth a visit just to see the precision and speed of the women who sit in the back and make the dumplings. And I suggest coming at off peak hours – they fill up for lunch fast.

The Dumping House
118 Eldridge St.
New York, NY 10002
nr. Broome St.
(212) 625-8008