While most of you were enjoying a lazy Easter Sunday around a bountiful table of Spring delicacies I was drinking steins of beer and wolfing down pretzels, pickels, veal schnitzel, grilled brats, and apple strudel.


Well who wants to cook on their one day off? Not me!!!!


The Radegast Hall & Biergarten in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has how officially been included on my ‘Industry Picks’ list for it’s unpretentious tasty affordable Austro-Hungarian menu and its plethora of beers.


12 on tap and 37 in the bottle. Lots. And lots. Of beer.


But what really made the Sunday enjoyable and the heavy drinking and eating excusable was the long stroll over the Williamsburg bridge from Manhattan. bierbridgepla

What a beautiful view.


The view coming home was a bit blury… The biergarten is a beer hall. A huge beer hall spanning two connected warehouses. One hall is a traditional darkly lit space with a semi-circle red oak bar where one can slurp in privacy, while the other is an open garden under a retractable skylight ceiling. bierdanandheidi

We preferred the garden with its long wooden tables that allow for communal carnage.


Happily enough, we also happened to arrive during a mustache contest which was taken very, very seriously. Contestants were given one month to grow a mustache. I’m not quite sure how winners were chosen, but roundtrip tickets to Austria were the prize. I’ll drink to that…. Radegast Hall & Biergarten 113 N. 3rd St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 at Berry St. 718-963-3973 Nearby subway: L at Bedford Ave