Neaveaubeajolais It’s Beaujolais time! Put aside whatever you’re doing and join in the global worship of this young wine. If you haven’t pre-ordered your bottles of Beaujolais then hurry because the demand is going through the roof! Tomorrow is the official cork popping of Beaujolais! Judging from a recent article in the London Financial Times, the drinking of this fruity Gamay Noir wine might be the most sought after comoditity of the year – Japan preordered 750 metric tonnes and the U.S. is following suit!

Beajolais In years past, France has restricted the shipment or selling of Beaujolais wine until the actual corking date, officially the third Thursday of November. This year they are able to ship a week in advance thus insuring that everyone around the world can drink in harmony. What a beautiful thought (sigh)!

What is Beaujolais you ask? It’s red wine made from Gamay Noir (a close relative to Pinot Noir) and it’s fresh & fruity yet structured. There are several differnt types, terroirs, and crus. For more insight on tasting, the terroir, grand crus & different regions you MUST check out the official Beaujolais website beaujolais official website The region will shed more light onto this delicious drinkable wine than I can take credit for.

Vgamay1 Beaujolais is a fantastic apperitif and also pairs well with foods that a light Pinot would compliment. It would be fabulous for Thanksgiving dinner and not too heavy! I must warn in advance, that this wine is exceptionally drinkable and tends to go down faster than heavy Bordeauxs, so explore with caution.