Pig Roast at Tunitas Creek Kitchen with Leftcoast Grassfed Cowboy Jeremiah Stent

I currently work as Executive Chef for the legendary Chef Faz Poursohi and the Faz Restaurant Group. My duties include problem solving for 6 high volume restaurants (many of which are in busy hotels), overseeing executive cooking staff, and creating & implementing new seasonal dishes across the board. Opening new restaurants and weighing in on design as well as training new staff are all part of this exceptionally fun, creative, and challenging position. I am honored to work with Chef Faz and his incredibly motivated and positive Bay Area team.

My own private company, Pommes d’Amour, is still a working passion and I continue to hold workshops and dinners along the coast as well as foster teen success in rural low income areas teaching vocational cooking classes and practical math and English. My Edible After School Program, in partnership with Puente, has been written up in several publications including Edible Silicon Valley Magazine and sponsored by the Packard Foundation and many generous private donors.

With Pommes d’Amour, I  create farm-to-table events & workshops on Pescadero organic coastal farms along Northern California’s beautiful rugged coast. This township is a Bay Area oasis just minutes from the hustle of Silicon Valley but a separate reality from the fast paced start-up, social media dominating, software enthralling culture that permeates our daily lives. Pescadero is a: shut-up-and-put-the-laptop-down-and-dig-your-hands-in-the-earth-and-plant-something kind of community. This is where the heart is.

James Beard award winning journalist, Carolyn Jung, sums up my adventures in cooking from Paris to Pescadero and from 3-Michelin star restaurants (Guy Savoy, Paris and Le Bernardin, NYC) to farm-to-table adventures far better than I ever could in Edible Silicon Valley Magazine. She makes sense of my cross-continental journey in cooking and my passion for teaching teens the culinary arts and bringing people together to celebrate the farm season.

When I’m not teaching my Edible After School course and writing this blog (now 10 years in the making! Woot!) and problem solving for 6 Bay Area restaurants,  I am cooking for events public & private at Pie Ranch, Tunitas Creek Kitchen on Potrero Nuevo Farm, and Echo Valley Farm. If you are interested in hosting something special I’d be happy to chat with you about your event. I keep my Facebook account current. Friend me, I’d love to stay in touch! Amy’s Facebook Page.

I work with incredible people who feel that sustainable agriculture and the education around food systems and food justice is paramount to our health and survival. Potrero Nuevo Farm (where I work as Chef for Tunitas Creek Kitchen) grew over 20,000 pounds of produce last year and donated ALL OF IT to low income families. Let’s hear it for farm managers Jay & Suzie Trexler and Farm owners Christine Pielenz & Bill Laven!

Pie Ranch not only has one of the best farmer internship programs in the county, teaching college grads how to farm organically, but also brings in countless kids of all ages and all socio-economic backgrounds from all over the Bay Area to learn hands-on about where our food comes from, how it is transported, and how it can be prepared in healthy tasty ways. We all know the best way to learn about food is to plant it, raise it, cook it, and eat it – get out of the classroom and into the fields!

My hubby helping out at Tunitas Creek Kitchen

My husband helping out at Tunitas Creek Kitchen

I’m blessed to hold my cooking school in partnership with Puente, the non-profit organization that began over twenty years ago to help farm workers bridge the gap. We all believe at Puente that there is absolutely nothing that you can’t learn in a cooking class: practical Math & English, vocational cooking skills, food safety, history, science, nutrition, teamwork, leadership, and food business entrepreneurship. Puente provides social services to all low-income families in San Mateo County and is the center of life and community in Pescadero. Come check out the Pescadero Farmer’s Market on Thursdays beginning June 8th lasting through the farm season – my students will be selling their fresh grab n’ go items plus jams and pickles! We would love to see you there!

There are so many more wonderful farms in Pescadero: Harley Goat Farm (best goat cheese ever!), Markegard family ranch & Left Coast Grassfed (beef, pork, and fresh dairy), Early Bird (chicken and pork), Blue House Farm, Fifth Crow Farm, Jacob’s Farm, Del Sur Farm, Fly Girl Farm, Farmegeddon, Echo Valley Farm, and so many more… this is a real foodie (and I mean real foodie) destination…


Background: California Clad Single Subject Teaching Credential in English with a supplemental authorization in Foods & Home Economics, Le Cordon Bleu Paris Cuisine Certificate, Le Cordon Bleu Paris Wine Program Certificate, Mills College B.A. in Drama & Communications major with a minor in Middle English (I know, but I like Chaucer…)