I should be napping right now, but my nerves are still pumping a mixture of adrenaline and angst through my body. I just got home to take my after noon shower and rest before going back for the evening shift.

I’m not new to working in restaurants by any means, but I am new at trying to work in a language I’ve just barely got the hang of. It’s like playing a game you don’t know the rules to. When some one asks me to do something in French it takes me a little while to process, because I have to read body language and anticipate what the issue is. This of course leads to mistakes and inefficiencies. So far no big ones or anything traumatic, but still it’s frustrating to the max.

Thankfully there is a young American guy who is also a stagier and we work the Amuse Bouche station together. His dad is French so he’s fluent. He’s very sweet about translating stuff for me, but he’s also really bossy during set (service) which makes me want to throw my towel down and stomp away. I can take orders, but I like to take them from the people who are in charge. He started work a week ago, and he just began working the amuse bouche station with me, so we’re at the same the beginning level. I know he’s well intended but I can only take so much.

People have different attitudes about set (when all the orders come in). I like to try and remain focused and concentrate, but allow flexibility so I don’t freak out if (and when) something goes wrong. I don’t like to rush around bumping into people acting like a scatterbrained dodo. Oh well, c’est la vie.

Time to take a little nap before I subject myself to more fun, fun, fun…

Some one remind me – why am I doing this?

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